The Story

The Story

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We’re here to take entrepreneurship to another level!

Or should I say that I am here? Yes, you’ve read it right. I’m Bini, and I’m the Founder, CEO, Web developer, Web designer, Graphic designer, Social media manager, SEO manager, Content writer, and all the things that are part of DollarAim.

You might think this guy is crazy. But Nah, I’m a tough MF. It was always my dream to create something where I can help other people succeed in life.

I remember back then in my childhood; all of my friends were surfing the Internet for games & social media. Except for me, every day, I learned something new from creating a design with Photoshop to Cyber Security. I worked for several years as a Web security researcher, and I have been featured on Google, Facebook, Mozilla, Dropbox, and more than 700 other companies. But four years ago, I left the industry because I realized I could do more and my passion is to help people for everyday life and not just secure their data information on the Internet. I started with digital marketing and eCommerce, and I’m pretty amazed by what I have achieved.

DollarAim is now my dream and passion for making it one of the most valued blog in the world. I’m pretty sure you will love reading our posts.

Happy reading, with love Bini 🙂