The Newest Online Business Idea (Make $10k/m easily)
online business ideas

The Newest Online Business Idea (Make $10k/m easily)

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Maybe you are tired searching for online business ideas, or your current online business is dying. Today I will show you a brand new business model that is not over-saturated like the others.

I’m sure you have heard about Drop Shipping, if not. Dropshipping is a type of retail fulfillment method. Instead of a store stocking products, it purchases the products from a third party supplier. The products are then shipped directly to the consumer.

But, we are not going to talk about Dropshipping. This method that I will show you is the newest online business model out there.

This business model is Drop Servicing. It might be similar to dropshipping, but it’s way better, and I will explain to you why.

What is Drop Servicing, and how does it work?

With Drop Servicing, you will sell services to people that they need. Don’t worry, you don’t have to know how to do those services, and I’m going to show you in a second.

E.g., we have a website that sells a service like a book cover design for $99 and a person purchase that service from us. And when the magic happens, all we do is that we buy the service from someone else. And for that, we use a platform called Fiverr, where we can find the same service for $10. After we deliver the design to the customer, we keep the differences in profit; in this case, it’s about $80.

I will show you step-by-step, how to build this kind of online business, how to get these services for so cheap, and how to find the customers. I suggest not to miss this excellent online business idea.

First of all, you need to find the best platform solution to host and build your online agency. And what would be a better option than Clickfunnels? Actually, there is no more compelling option than Clickfunnels.

Let’s start now with this; open this page in a new tab and follow my steps.

How to start a Drop Servicing Business?

Step 1: Sign Up to Clickfunnels

By opening the link above you should land on a page like this:

online business ideas

After clicking “Start Free 14 Day Trial Now”, you need to fill your personal information:

online business ideas

Step 2: Billing Information

This is the easiest step ever, pinky swear:

online business ideas

Step 3: Admin Dashboard, Create the Website

By submitting your order with Clickfunnels, you will be redirected directly to the admin dashboard. From there, follow our steps like the pictures below:

online business ideas
1. Creating your website
drop servicing
3. Creating your website
4. Creating your website

You will land to a page where you will choose a template, let’s continue with the steps:

drop servicing
drop servicing

By clicking “EDIT PAGE,” the visual page editor will open. And what’s better than showing you how to edit that page with a video made only for you!

Step 4. Thank You Page

After saving your front page; you have to select a Thank you page. I’m going to show you how with step-by-step pictures:

7. Creating your website
drop servicing

Remind to choose the Thank you page with a similar design (colors) like your store Home page.

drop servicing

Step 5. Domain Name

After editing your Order Confirmation page; it is time to purchase a domain name and connect it to Clickfunnels. I will show you again everything with pictures on how to do it.

Open Namecheap in a new tab, and search for your domain name. Purchase it right away because you need a domain name to follow the next steps.

When you get an email confirmation from Namecheap that your domain name is ready, we can continue by connecting the domain with Clickfunnels. To make the connection, please follow the steps below:

To finish the connection of your domain name, you have to set up a CNAME on Namecheap. Please read this article on how to do it.

Step 6. Add Payment Gateway

Connect one of the following Payment Gateways so that you can add the product to your website. Don’t skip this step or any of the steps shown in this post.

drop servicing

Step 7. Add Product

To add the product; go back to the Homepage settings and follow the steps below:

drop servicing
best online business idea
best online business idea

Fill out the forms as shown in the picture and then click “Save and Next,” until you get a page like this:

best online business idea

Congratulations, you are a risk-taker and a WINNER. You have followed all these long steps to make a difference in your life. I might say this is the newest and best online business model from all ideas out there. See this article for other ways of making money online.

How to find the services?

Finding those kinds of services is super easy using Fiverr. On Fiverr, you can find thousands of different services for cheap at $5 per service.

Firstly, you need to sign up with Fiverr, and it takes only 3 minutes to do it. When you log into Fiverr, you can search; in our, e.g., Book cover designs.

Once we have found the service that we need; we can proceed by expanding our services on the website that we have created earlier. We can now add different packages offering extras.

The first package might be $99, the second $149 and the third $189. But are Book cover designs so highly valued? Of course, they are. A Google search tells us that those designs sell about $500 to $1200.

Enough with procrastination this online business idea. I tell you, this is a gold mine. Better start now before it’s getting over-saturated in the next 2-3 years, like dropshipping.

On Fiverr, you can purchase different packages of services. Like the one that we have found.

You can even do upsells. On Fiverr, you pay in this case an extra $10 for 1-day delivery. But, you can charge your customer $20. I told you, this business model is incredible. You will always be profitable.

How to find customers?

Keyword research should be the first thing that you will do for marketing your company and get sales. If we look for the keyword “book cover designs,” we see that this keyword particularly gets about 100k monthly searches.

It depends on the business that you run, some business will get the most sales from platforms like Google Ads, and some other businesses might crush it with another platform like Facebook Ads.

Do you know what came into my mind right now? If you are an excellent online marketer; you can upsell a new service, “market customers book.” All of the book publishers are interested in marketing their book.

But, if you are a beginner and don’t know where to start with marketing your services. Do a Google search about “How to create an ad with Google Ads.”

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions, or if I should write a new blog post about marketing and finding customers online step-by-step. Until next time, happy reading!

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Bini Shala
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  • Omg …. YOU ARE AMAZING I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! I’m not very computer savvy and I’ve been trying to make money online (I read\learn 6 hrs a day now for three months and getting there ) thank you for those specific steps, it’s exactly what I need right now (get up to date on my mortgage , I’m behind)
    Thank you YOU ROCK!!!

  • Hi Bini,
    Thanks for the marvellous information. When you sign up to click funnels after the 14 day trial you are required to pay $269 a month….is that correct?

  • Hi,
    I love this blog please help with finding new/first client for my service.
    Write a new blog post about marketing and finding customers online step-by-step. I request you

    • Hey Yugen, most of the people do not know about Fiverr. Or, they think that it’s not a professional way to purchase services from there. So, when they see a custom website just for that service, they will be more likely to buy. I hope this clarifies your question.

  • Hi Bini, I have a question
    What should i do after somebody makes a purchase on my website and i buy it from Fiverr. Like should i tell the guy on fiverr that i have a client who needs this and that. Like i just a need a little bit more info on this. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Mihir, no need to tell the guy on Fiverr that information. You only need to purchase the service and explain to the seller what exactly you need. Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

  • I never tried to do any marketing but i have a good basic so what is in my mind to look for a somone who’s i pay him make me a good marketing strategy to luanch my business do think that ‘ll work and its could be useful to gathering people working with me a part time to make this business grow up gradually and i getting a knowledge in same time ?

  • Hello i have some questions,

    1- How can i get big companies to ask for my services
    2- Can i have more than 1 store at click funnels
    3-How can i attract clients (The same as number one)

    Thanks in Advance

    • Hey Albaraa, thank you for your comment. Regarding your second question, you can get 3 custom domains (stores) with the $97 per month plan, and up to 9 with the $297 per month plan. About your first and third question; you can find customers using Google Adwords, I suggest you watch this step-by-step video on how to get started with Google ads: Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Hi love the blog, just wondering how i deliver the product to the customer after purchasing it from Fiverr e.g (is it through email or the website) also wanted to know if there was some way to automate this process.

    • Hey Cian, thanks for the comment. You can deliver it through Clickfunnels or email. I’m sorry, but as far as I know, there’s no way to automate those orders. It takes 3-5 minutes to fulfill an order; it depends on what the service is. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Hi Bini – came across your post and thank you for the information. It is rare that the client buying the book cover is going to be happy with the initial design. On Fiverr you go thro a process of several revisions with the designer to get the final cut. Who spends the time going backwards and forwards with the client till they are happy?