Ibotta App Review 2020: Best Guide for Beginners
Ibotta review

Ibotta App Review 2020: Best Guide for Beginners

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Today I will run you through this Ibotta App review, which will include if Ibotta is legit and safe, how Ibotta works, and how to make money while shopping groceries.

Probably, you searched about Ibotta, and you landed on this page. I should say that you have made the right decision.

So, I started using Ibotta 8 months ago, and I did a lot of tests. I shopped in different stores and states. I have to say that my experience with Ibotta is much better than I ever thought.


Is Ibotta Legit?

ibotta app review

Absolutely, YES! Ibotta is a legit app. There are more than 704 thousand reviews on the App Store, and still, their general stars are 5.

I must say this app has become essential when I’m shopping for groceries. Before we dive more into this review; sign-up now for FREE and start earning money.

Is Ibotta Safe?

Short answer, YES! Ibotta is a Denver, Colorado-based mobile technology company that enables users with its smartphone app to earn cash-back on in-store and mobile purchases with receipt or purchase verification.

Ibotta has paid more than $627 million to its users and counting. It is a safe and free app that makes every purchase rewarding.

How Does Ibotta Work?

Well, Ibotta is an easy app to use. You select the products that you want to purchase, and then you make a purchase you have to submit the verification in the app to prove that you made that purchase.

Also, now Ibotta has launched its new feature; you can verify your purchase by only uploading on the app a picture of your receipt.

Starting with Ibotta is easy-peasy. First, you need to sign up and complete your profile. To welcome you to Ibotta; you will get $20 for free.

How Does Ibotta Pay Me?

There are two options that you can withdraw your money:

  • Cash deposit through Paypal or Venmo
  • Free Gift Cards (Amazon, Starbucks, Best Buy, Target, etc.)

Final Ibotta App Review

Ibotta is a legit and safe app to use; it is 100% FREE. It pays you for every grocery that you buy. You also can buy clothes, automotive accessories, pet supplies and get paid from Ibotta!

The only regret installing now Ibotta on your phone will be that you haven’t installed it earlier.

After 8 months of testing this app, I can proudly say that this is an excellent way to earn money and free gift cards.

Start now if you want free cash in your bank account!

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If you have any questions about this Ibotta App Review, please leave a comment. I would be more than happy to answer all of them. Until next time, happy reading!

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